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What Does Your Favorite Store Say about You?


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Your life journey demands shopping, doesn’t it? Most of us go to a grocery store or mini-mart every week or two – maybe oftener. Many of us go to malls or to big box stores. Some of us delight in visiting tiny, hidden boutiques off the beaten path.

While some shopping is necessary, some is a way to fight boredom, flee anger, or forget the stresses of everyday life. Is your favorite store among those you visit at such times? What makes one store more attractive to you than another store?

What Does Your Favorite Store Say about You?

What is your favorite store?

I don’t mean the store category. Don’t think of your favorite fashion store; your favorite shoe store, bookstore, baby store, craft store, pet store, furniture store, etc.

Don’t even consider the store where you shop most often. For our purposes here, choose the one store you’d rather visit than any other store.

“Hey,” you call to someone in your home, “I’m going out awhile. I’ll be back.”

“Where are you going?”

“To the store,” you answer. “I just want to look at something.”

You have no shopping list – not even a mental shopping list. You just enjoy browsing your favorite store. It’s almost like a mini vacation.

That store – the mini vacation store – is probably your favorite store.

Let’s look at it another way. If you had to find a job working in a store, what store would be at the top of your wish list? That’s probably your favorite store.

So returning to our original question: what does your favorite store say about you?

Your Favorite Store Reveals a Lot about You

You may know that when you put your best foot forward, that foot’s shoe reveals things about you. The way you shake hands shows whether you’re confident. The way your handwriting looks tells things. Even your silent body language exposes things about you. Science says your approach to shopping can open a window on your personality.

Continue down the list, and we see that your favorite store reveals a lot about you.

Think you know me because of the photo at the head of this post? Sorry, that isn’t my favorite store. I’m sitting at an Ikea desk – and I appreciate it. I just ate a meal at an Ikea table, but the store is too immense for my tastes. I’ll order an Ikea item online now and then, but my favorite store…?

Two kinds of store share that name – small to medium bookstores and office supply stores. I emphatically dislike all other kinds of shopping, but either cozy bookstores or stores that sell office stuff can brighten my life journey a little.

What does that tell you about me? You might wonder why I wouldn’t rather spend an afternoon with friends visiting every fashion shop in the mall. Why not drive across town to the exciting new Costco or Wal-Mart Supercenter. After all, you can buy books and computer stuff at a big box store – and what woman doesn’t love fashion shopping?!

Think about it as you read to the end of the post.

Four Things Your Favorite Store Might Say About You

1) Opinion of shopping: Your favorite store can tell others what you think of the process of shopping in general. Some people love shopping while others hate it. If you have a choice of whether to shop at a big-box store, mall, or small out-of-the bustle store, your choice can reveal whether you love or hate shopping.

2) Method of shopping: Your favorite store reveals the way you like to shop. Maybe you practice “seek and destroy” shopping. You enter the hostile environment, seek what you want, destroy (buy), and leave immediately. If you were “born to shop,” the store is a welcoming place you enter, browse for hours, try many products, leave, return, and finally make a small purchase.

3) Reason for shopping: You may go shopping because it’s just what you do! You’re addicted to shopping, and your favorite store encourages your addiction. Whether you can truly call the income discretionary or not, you spend it when you have it. You go to a motorcycle store just because that’s what you do. You go to the fitness store because each time you go, you imagine yourself fit.

4) Type of personality: If you want to know more about your new acquaintance’s personality, start talking about his or her favorite store. It might tell you that he or she is bubbling merrily along a sanguine life journey. Anyone who wants to get close will be swept along with the sanguine personality. Maybe the choice of store will hint that the person is so melancholic that he or she requires an enormous store of choices to find the perfect item.

Those are just a few of the many things a favorite store tells. Set aside time to engage in this fascinating self-education and you’ll learn much more.


What does your favorite store say about you specifically? What do your family members or friends’ favorite stores say about them? Open your eyes and ears, and you will get to know more about the people walking beside you on your life journey.

You won’t want to stop with what your favorite store says about you now, though. Use this as an exercise self-improvement. If you aren’t happy with what your shopping choices are now, take a detour down the path of self-improvement and work on your shopping practices. Make changes in you, and you may find the identity of your favorite store changing.