You Might Be a Smartphone Oblivion if…

You might be “a smartphone oblivion” if… How should I end that sentence? I plan to share a few possibilities I’ve observed, but I want to hear from you, too. Knowing whether you’re “a smart phone oblivion” could play a big part in your life-journey [...]

What Does Your Favorite Store Say about You?

Your life journey demands shopping, doesn’t it? Most of us go to a grocery store or mini-mart every week or two – maybe oftener. Many of us go to malls or to big box stores. Some of us delight in visiting tiny, hidden boutiques off the beaten path.

3 Ways to Improve YOU with Organic Gardening

There are more than 3 ways to improve YOU with organic gardening, of course. You might suggest, too, that organic gardening is more about earth-improvement than it is about self-improvement. I agree that organic gardening can [...]
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