The Joy of Toy Model Trains


You probably know more than you think you do about this wonderful hobby. Whether you’re hoping to buy your very first train, plan to revive the train set of your youth, or want to begin a retirement hobby, you have model railroading experience.

Now you want tips on how to turn your current enthusiasm for trains in general into a meaningful hobby that can include everyone in the family. You may be considering a future model train layout so wonderful that you could turn it into a successful business – or at least create a personal gift for your neighborhood by inviting them in to see your handwork.

This book will help you! I’ve included basic train knowledge, help for more experienced modelers – and insider secrets that will make you the best model railroader you can be.

So, shrink yourself down to scale model size: O scale, HO scale, or an even smaller size – and let’s start our journey.

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I’ve loved toy model trains since my brothers and I set up our first layout over 30 years ago. I loved feeling the heavy, black Pennsylvania Flyer in my hands; the sight of each perfect replica of real trains in our Pennsylvania city; the smell of ozone it produced as it flew around the tracks; the sounds of its shrill whistle and spinning wheels.

I never dreamed I’d write a book about model railroading, offering tips to help others discover the joy of toy model trains – but I’ve gained more knowledge about toy model trains – and while some might call me a “toy model train expert”, I’ll not go that far.

I just want to share my railroading knowledge with you – my secret modelers’ tips. Help your family experience the joy of toy model trains! Create toy-model-train layouts that look difficult, but are easy. Build a solid model train table on a budget, and cash in on this enjoyable way of making money as a work-at-home railroader!

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