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Best-loved of the thirteen Character Companions books, “Stinky Skunk’s Self-Control” qualifies as a “fun-effective” book. The merry tale’s easy-to-understand, age-appropriate language holds children’s attention right to the end. Stinky Skunk quite obviously does not exercise self-control, and quite obviously must learn to exercise self-control if she wants to have friends. Young children giggle at Stinky’s escapades in this enchanting story, purpose-written to help them understand and put into action this important character trait. Children in the book’s 3-to-8 age range will learn the Self-Control song quickly, and sing it repeatedly as they play. Above all, they will begin to exercise self-control in everyday life.

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“But I want us all to play tag,” said Stinky.

Freddy’s little black eyes appeared again. “Wait until our hide and seek ends.” He blinked in the moonlight.

Into Stinky’s head popped a huge itch to be bad. “No. I want to play now,” said Stinky. She drummed her front feet on the ground. She snarled. She arched her back and raised her bushy black and white tail.

“Always wanting your own way is silly, Stinky,” whispered Freddy. “Control yourself.”

Stinky glared. “I don’t want to control myself. Now come and play tag with me. And if you don’t – psst!”

Freddy Ferret covered his eyes, but he did not play tag. So Stinky Skunk turned her back, lifted her tail very high and – psst!

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