Secrets of Candle Making Crafts eBook


Candle designers wish you didn’t know these candle-making “secrets” because they can make you a great candle maker. They can help you stop wishing your candles looked awesome and make your candles awesome.

After 7 short days of discovering and practicing these trade secrets, you might even want to launch your own successful candle-making business – or create your own personal gifts for friends and family.

A little known secret about candle making is that you don’t just become a successful candle maker – you make yourself a successful candle maker!

YOU can make yourself a successful candle maker by learning and practicing the “secrets” you will read in this book.

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On our honeymoon (many years ago), my husband took me to the majestic Smoky Mountains of the Southeastern United States, and oh, the candles, the awesome candles!

We touched, held, looked, and breathed in their fragrances. Finally, we purchased a large, ivory, twisted candle. It was breathtakingly beautiful, swirling upward like a spiral staircase to a height of eighteen inches. I knew then that I would always love candles.

I shouldn’t even call my first melted-wax efforts nor my next few attempts “candles!” Then, I began to learn the secrets of candle making crafts – and learned that making awesome candles doesn’t have to be that hard!

Those who love crafts and candles will love the breathtaking array of styles, colors, and scents. Some of these candles are so simple that even a child can make them, with proper supervision.

Pursue the candle-making crafts from this book and you could dramatically boost your work-at-home income as a candle making craftsman.

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