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After a very, very painful fall from a tall tree, Ricky Raccoon finally learned the meaning of trustworthiness. Until then, however, none of the other raccoons could depend on him for anything. Even pretty, little Rachel Raccoon could not count on Ricky being trustworthy. That tree had a convincing way of teaching Ricky – and will teach your children – how bad it is to be let down by someone. Written purposefully for teaching trustworthiness, this exciting, age-appropriate story defines this character trait for children. Then it helps your child reinforce the lesson by singing and acting out Ricky’s Trustworthiness Song with one another and you!

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“Trustworthy! Trustworthiness!” Ricky sputtered. “Why is everyone always talking about that?”

Ricky forgot that Rachel looked like a princess. He became angry. He became so very angry that he decided to climb the shorter, darker tree right to the very top.

He grabbed the trunk with his hands and feet, and up he climbed. He climbed past the lower branches. He climbed past the middle branches. He climbed almost to the top of the tree. Then, he climbed out on a branch, just to show Rachel that he was not afraid.


The next moment, Ricky was falling. He was falling very fast. He was falling to the ground.


– – – Teaching trustworthiness is easy with Ricky’s help. Your child will soon begin to understand how important trustworthiness is in his or her daily life.

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