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Teenagers and peer pressure seem always to go hand in hand. Teens struggle often with the question of whether to conform or to stand up for what they believe is right.

Andrew McKean was a sixteen-year-old example of that intense struggle. Andrew wants nothing more than to date the beautiful dark-haired Penny and focus on his blossoming baseball career, but one thing stands in the way – fear.

If the police discover that Andrew was an accomplice to the awful crime, he faces dire consequences, but there seems to be no way out until…

A mysterious box and a dying man’s wish send Andrew nearly 9,000 miles from home. It’s not easy to leave his family, but at least the long arm of the law can’t cross the International Date Line. At least, Andrew hopes it can’t.

By the time teen readers get to page 372, they know a lot about having the courage of one’s convictions and are better prepared to stand strong when peer pressure hits them.



Fear arrived just before Easter of 2001. At the time, Andrew dismissed the presence as a vague uneasiness, a fleeting sense that he might have been smarter to have stayed out of it. Of course, it was nothing more than a prank, or so Andrew tried to reason. This foreboding would pass once people forgot — especially the police.

But the police did not forget, nor did anyone else in Wilmington. And Fear did not leave. Not by a long shot. It moved in, bag and baggage, took up residence in his mind, fed on his guilt, and grew strong.

By the time Death knocked, on August 28, Fear was tough, poised to destroy the lives of both Andrew and Penny, his girl.

Not that Andrew knew that on August 30. Andrew had not even met Penny yet, let alone imagine that his fear might destroy her life.

No. Today, August 30, sitting here on the back deck with his two kid sisters and his kid brother, Andrew knew only that Fear had choked off his personal flow of peace, and now it had a partner — Death.

There ought to be some kind of law against a sixteen-year-old finding a dead body, especially in his own home. Not a law that got you into trouble when you found the dead person, but a law that somehow made it impossible for you to find him in the first place. But there was not such a law, and he had found the dead body.

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