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What child wouldn’t love a story about a large, fat piggy? Pansy Pig is waiting to go to the fair with Aunt Poppy, and she could be a happy fat pig, but Pansy is impatient to get going! Waddling through the barnyard, Pansy throws temper tantrums to make Aunt Poppy hurry. Pansy needs to build patience, and so do many children. “Pansy Pig’s Patience Pit” helps ages 3 through 8 do that, with easy-to-understand language and a captivating plot that make patience building fun! This comical story includes a simple, carefully thought-out definition of patience and a memorable Patience Song.

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Pansy Pig was angry – very angry!

“Muckie-wuckie!” Her little pink hoofs stamped across the green, summer grass. They made flat, muddy pancakes out of every bright yellow flower.

“Muckie-wuckie!” Pansy spit the words past the hard, hairy whiskers on her wet, pink snout. The words had a sour taste, and she spit them out again – twice. “Muckie-wuckie! Muckie-wuckie!”

“Hey! I am trying to sleep,” growled Bacon, opening a tiny, black eye. He lifted his head from the green grass pillow. “What is your problem? Stop stamping flowers. You are making a mess of the farmer’s yard. Go someplace else to have your temper tantrum. Nobody wants you around.” Bacon laid his golden brown head down again on the green grass pillow.

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