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You introduce CARING to a child by saying, “We are going to learn together about CARING. What do you think when you hear the word CARING?”

Based on the child’s answer, you measure his or her understanding of the word, and then what do you do next?

You get children totally engaged in understanding the trait. You read the enchanting book with them. You talk about the story. You display the large picture charts of characters. You do the associated crafts and activities. You teach them the catchy song, and sing it with them at opportune times each day. You keep them thinking about this trait until they understand it and begin to match their behavior to it.

You get everything you need in these professionally written lesson plans!

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Lesson plan for teaching CARING, written by career educator, includes annotated copy of the book’s story plus the following.

– – – for non-readers, both coloring and writing practice sheets, followed by a picture test based on the story;

– – – for readers: written worksheets, and a written test.

Large picture charts, classroom activities, crafts, teaching tools, as well as take-home reminders reinforce lesson on character. Over 35 PDF files.

This is an instant download ZIP file and requires Adobe Reader 6.0 or above to open the individual PDF files.

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