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Brown puppies, gray puppies, black and white puppies, Scotties, Poodles – Pandora Puppy learns how to care for all of them! What more fun way, what more effective way can you imagine to help children in the 3-8-year-old age range understand and build compassion / caring? Written in easy-to-understand, age-appropriate language, “Pandora Puppy’s Caring Circle” fits perfectly into the purpose-written fiction genre. The author wrote specifically with the purpose of teaching compassion. She does so with an enchanting story, a carefully thought-out, simple definition, and a catchy sing-along song. Children love to sing the Compassion Song (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star).

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“Pandora,” said Mother Dog, “is a busy puppy, but I am worried about her. “She shows no interest in the other puppies – and she does not care about their feelings.”

“Pandora,” said Father Dog, “is a busy puppy, but I am worried about her, too. “She does not help the other puppies – and she does not try to protect them from getting hurt.”

Older Brother Puppy added, “Pandora is not at all caring.”

Pandora did not hear them, of course. She was busy. She was busy running across the beach. She was busy chasing the birds. She was busy dancing in the waves. She even put her black nose near a tiny crab and stared at its ten red legs. She jumped back when the crab reached out to pinch her.

“Hey!” Pandora yipped. “Play fair.”

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