Little Zoh’s Obedient Trunk downloadable eBook


Little Zoh (elephant in Japanese) is a sad baby elephant. Shuffling slowly into the story, he gets attention immediately. Children can almost see how sad Little Zoh is: “…every wrinkle of his rough little gray sides drooped down, down toward the damp jungle floor.” Why? He cannot make his trunk obey. He tells it what to do, but the trunk refuses to obey – and that is the lesson. Children all need obedience, a strong character trait, but many resist the very word, so the story replaces obedience with a word that means the same – submissiveness. Children love to roll big words over their tongues and this one, with the catchy little elephant song, makes the lesson fun and lasting.

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“A big tear trickled slowly down his long trunk, and splashed forlornly onto the ground. The sun slide behind a small black cloud, and five big raindrops joined the lonely tear. Little Zoh stopped to stare at the tiny puddle, added one more tear, and plodded a bit farther.

“Everyone will gather at the river for the fair this summer – eating piles of sweet green grass and baby green leaves – playing wonderful games. That’s the trouble – the games.” Little Zoh stopped again and sat down with a big sob. “Oh, I wish I weren’t me.” He hung his head down to his wrinkled knees, and fanned his big gray ears.

“You wish what?” A loud voice squawked from the tree branches above his head. “You ought to be glad you are you.”

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