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“Katie Kangaroo’s Leap of Courage” captivates early readers and younger non-readers alike. Katie helps you teach them important character building lessons about courage. Katie is afraid of everything and wants to stay in her mother’s pouch, but by the end of the story, she learns the true meaning of courage, and understands why she should build it. Young children grasp the meaning of courage readily with this enchanting book. Easy-to-understand language makes “Katie Kangaroo’s Leap of Courage” the perfect tool for teaching this vital character trait to ages 3 through 8. Add the bouncy Courage Song with its “boingy, boingy, boingy” and children love this book.

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Katie was awakened by Mother’s front paws. The paws pulled open the pouch. The paws pulled Katie to the top of the pouch. Katie saw a big kangaroo bound across the grass, and she saw pink flowers at Mother’s feet. Katie reached to touch a flower, but it was too far away. Mother’s head bent down close, and Mother kissed Katie’s tiny head.

“Katie,” said Mother, “you are tiny, and you must grow big. A joey cannot grow big and strong in the pouch. You will grow big and strong when you come out. It is the right thing to do, and every joey does it – but you cannot do it while you are afraid. You need courage to come out, Katie. You need courage to do what is right.”

Katie’s soft, black eyes looked up at Mother, and she asked, “What is courage?”

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