Jeremy Rabbit’s Honesty Pie downloadable eBook


Honesty is … what is it? Grandmother Rabbit thinks little Jeremy is a very good, little bunny, but behind her back, Jeremy is very dishonest- and does not want to be honest. Even on his own birthday, Jeremy does very dishonest things. When Grandmother learns of it, she knows she must do something. Maybe Honesty Pie will help – and the Honesty Song! The rabbit children love singing it, as will your child. You’ll love the Honesty Pie recipe, too, in the back of the book. This second book in the “Character Companions Series” for children 3 to 8 uses “proactive teaching fiction” to weave into a cute story examples and a clear definition of honesty, custom-made for young minds.

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“It is time for your spelling test, class,” she said. “Please do your best, and please keep your eyes on your own paper.”

Jeremy picked up his bright yellow pencil.

“Our first word is pie,” said teacher. “What kind of pie do you like to eat?”

That was easy. Quickly, Jeremy wrote p-i-e. He looked at the teacher and grinned.

“Our next word is bean,” the teacher said. “I like green bean pie.”

Carefully, Jeremy wrote b-e-e-n. He looked at the word. That was not right. He erased it.

Janie was good at spelling. She probably spelled bean right. Jeremy’s eyes slid slowly away from his own paper, and went to Janie’s paper. He found the word, and hurried to copy it onto his own test paper. That was not honest, but Jeremy did not want to be honest.



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