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Respect is important. With words young children understand, “Georgey Giraffe’s Giant Respect” brings this character trait to life in a delightful story for ages 3 through 8. Preschool children listen wide-eyed as Georgey sticks out his long neck to show respect. Early readers think of additional times and ways in which both Georgey and they can show respect to others. Teachers use this amusing story to teach respect in a fun and effective manner. Parents use it for character building at home. Singing the catchy Georgey’s Respect Song together and then creating Georgey Giraffe’s Giant Respect dessert together makes the lesson stick!

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“Hey,” called a voice. It seemed to be coming from the other side of the leaves.

Georgey Giraffe bent his neck sideways and peered into the bush.

“Come over and see the funny, fat old giraffes,” said the voice, which was Jasmine’s.

“You should not talk that way,” said Georgey. “My father says that we will be old giraffes someday, so we should show respect.”

“Respect – connect – correct,” said little Jasmine, which made no sense – but sounded somewhat like a song. Jasmine loved songs. “What’s respect? Come and see them, Georgey. They are sleeping with their heads on their back feet. Silly old giraffes!”

– – – and children sit forward eagerly to listen. Soon, they begin to act more respectful, and follow Georgey’s great example in everyday life.

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