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Lead your boys and girls on a fun-filled trip to a cooperation camp – and help them learn that none of us is always free to do everything he or she wants to do. We must learn to exercise cooperation, a vital character trait. Children love camp stories, especially stories like “Dorrie Donkey’s Cooperation Camp”, written in easy-to-understand, age-appropriate language. Preschool children and early readers alike laugh as Dorrie races around the farm, but turn serious when the little dark brown donkey has to learn cooperation. You’ll love this book’s purposeful teaching of the character trait with the fun Cooperation Song to sing with actions!

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“Hee-haw, hee-haw!” Dorrie brayed loudly. “I am the freest little donkey on the whole donkey farm.”

The water in the tub splashed beside her, and there was Botox.

“Good afternoon, Dorrie,” Botox said in a high, wrinkly voice.

“Good afternoon, Botox,” Dorrie answered, flipping her dark brown tail.

Botox bent her head for a drink of water, and Dorrie wondered if the folded, thin gray skin would slide right off of Botox. Dorrie pushed her own nose into the tub. She pushed Botox aside, and watched the old donkey frown.

“I’m free to do what I want,” Dorrie told Botox, grinning broadly.

Botox shook her wrinkled skin and replied, “Pretty is as pretty does. You need to learn cooperation.”

– – – Dorrie Donkey did not want to learn cooperation, and your child may feel the same way about this character trait – until you read this book together.

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