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Dewey Deer is sure that his mother loves him until new friends pop up in the forest, each with a different idea of love. Dewey listens, and thinks their ideas have merit until something happens to the other fawns. That’s when Dewey learns what love really means, how to exercise it, and how important it is to everybody. Do you yourself understand authentic love? Love is a character trait you will want to teach carefully, and reinforce often, since so many misunderstand its meaning. Dewey Deer helps you teach love in a gentle way, and a way that motivates children to build true love into their lives. The Love Song reinforces Mother Deer’s lessons.

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This time, Dewey asked, “Why must I hide in the daisies, Mother?”

“Because I love you,” Mother said.

Dewey Deer asked, “What is love?”

“Love is knowing what is best for the one you love, and always doing it, even when nobody is watching,” Mother told him. “I love you, and it is best for you to hide in the daisies.”

Dewey started to ask something else, but Mother had gone away – and that’s when Dewey Deer’s bad luck began.

It started with a small voice from the other side of the tree. “Love isn’t exactly that,” said the small voice.

… Around the tree came a strange body. The strange body was purple with a red circle and a white circle. Dewey watched as the purple body crawled into his daisies.

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