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Petite Valeta, 17-year-old blonde cheerleader and homecoming queen, daughter of a Marine Corporal stationed in Kaneohe, Hawaii, lacks for nothing except a sense of responsibility, Well, that and a real kiss from her beloved Edwin, a lance corporal in the Marine Corps whose dark hair and 6’3” height make a perfect  complement to her faultless self. Edwin has steadfastly refused a “real” kiss on her lips because of the danger that it will break off his  total abstinence, but Valeta does not understand.

As the book opens, Valeta prepares for her high school’s Senior Luau, neglecting every responsibility. Edwin will accompany her, and she has bought the perfect dress to go with his yellow plumeria lei – the perfect dress to make him give her a real kiss. At the last minute, however, she receives a call from Edwin. He has accepted duty for a sick friend and will send Rick, another Marine, to accompany Valeta.

Rick, antithesis of morally upright Edwin, gets drunk at the luau and gives Valeta a kiss, but not at all the kind she wanted. Before the night ends, Valeta’s life is forever altered.



“You always remember your first kiss.”

Valeta hurled the magazine at the bedroom door and rolled onto her back with fresh tears.

Her first kiss was not the problem! She had initiated the first kiss – that day in kindergarten when Jimmy had looked so cute playing on the computer – she had planted a juicy one right on his lips. Jimmy immediately reported this brazen breach of the “personal space rule” to the teacher, of course, and Valeta had been confined to a lonely blue corner for ten minutes. It was a small price to pay for a kiss in those untroubled days, when love consisted of sharing the longest red crayon or a pair of orange-handled scissors.

No, her first kiss was not Valeta’s problem. It was her first adult kiss – that kiss on the beach last night – that had sprung the lid of Pandora’s disaster-filled box.

At sunrise the previous day, Sunday of that last week in February, Valeta awakened with a smile on her perfectly rounded, promising lips. Her sea blue eyes sparkled as a prying sun ray lifted their lids, and she stretched in eager anticipation.

“Edwin’s taking me to Senior Luau this evening,” she whispered to herself.

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