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Children love stories about roly-poly bear cubs, and you love books that teach character traits with simple, carefully thought-out definitions. This enchanting tale combines one roly-poly black bear cub with a succession of his easy lessons on responsibility. Children see bears, bees, birds, and frogs. They hear the other animals talk about responsibility, and they see some of the animals exercise responsibility – but they don’t see the roly-poly bear cub exercise it. “Cubby Bear’s Big Responsibility,” for ages 3 to 8, teaches this important character trait through the playful actions of a very irresponsible bear cub that becomes a very responsible bear cub!

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“Wait! Come back and play,” called the little black bear.

“No time to play,” buzzed the bee. “I must fill my hive with honey for the winter. It is my responsibility.”

“There is time to play,” growled Cubby Bear. “Winter is far, far away. Besides, what is a responsibility?” It was a new word for Cubby, and his little tongue stumbled.

The big bee did not listen. It buzzed, but it did not listen.

– – – Children laugh at Cubby Bear’s playful antics, but they listen with big eyes when Father Bear explains sternly that if Cubby Bear does not do his big responsibility, he will hurt a lot! Children learn the Responsibility Song with Cubby. Singing it often, they remember to act more responsibly.

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