Professionally written by a career teacher of young adults and adults, the lesson plans apply the introduction of “courage” to secondary and tertiary students as well as adults who wrestle with the concept in everyday life.

Using nine (plus one optional) lessons, leaders guide readers through the book Courage with conversations to assess understanding, written assignments to ensure personal understanding, panel dialogues, and written examinations to evaluate progress.

Your goal is two-fold.

  1. Readers of the book will understand the concept of courage so thoroughly that they will be able to explain it clearly to both peers as well as young children.
  2. Readers will begin and persevere in the work of building strong courage into their personal lives, consciously and consistently acting on it in every situation.

Relevancy to students’ current life journeys comes with questions such as this one.

List public figures, living or dead, who showed courage. Beside each name, describe briefly the way(s) in which you believe that person showed courage. Examples may be drawn from politicians, government figures at federal or state level, sports or entertainment celebrities, and other globally-known people.

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