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What is character? Little minds want to know, and so does Christopher, the little black and white kitten. Christopher talks about character with Mother Cat, but he still doesn’t understand until Mother helps him form a Character Club. There Christopher and all of the 17 farmyard cats learn what character is, and learn to sing the bouncy “Character Song,” just as young readers will. This first book in the “Character Companions Series” for children 3 to 8 uses “proactive teaching fiction” to weave into a cute story both examples of character and a clear definition of character, custom-made for young minds.

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“Cats don’t like to be taught,” replied Mother Cat. “That’s a dog thing. Cats like to learn things on their own.”

“I’m a cat and I like to be taught, Mother. I’m counting the days to when you teach me to hunt field mice!” He hoped Mother would take that hint.

“Kittens like being taught by their mothers,” said Mother Cat, “but other than that, cats don’t like to be taught. They wouldn’t want to be taught character.”

“Yes, but they aren’t learning character,” said Christopher. “They learn to eat and sleep and bathe. They learn to hunt field mice and catch feathers that float on the air, but they don’t learn character. Maybe character is the one thing cats can’t learn on their own, Mother. Maybe someone has to teach character.”

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