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Take children to the zoo, hurry to the monkey enclosure, and the children will soon be dancing with joy. Children love monkeys, and they love monkey stories, especially when those stories come in easy-to-understand, age-appropriate language. “Charley Chimp’s Jungle Fairness” is just such a book. Written specifically for ages 3 to 8, Charley’s story shows the UN-fairness of one big chimp after another as they bully little Charley. It puts the meaning of fairness into a simple definition, and then weaves it into the easy-to-learn Jungle Fairness Song (tune of Old McDonald Had a Farm). This book gives you an effective, fun way to teach fairness.

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“Humpf! I never heard of fairness,” growled Big Elya. “I want that swing right now and I’m going to have it right now. Anyhow, what’s fairness?”

“Fairness is always obeying the rules, and always treating everyone the same, even when nobody is watching,” replied Charley. “And fairness means not having everything your own way.”

“Oh really?” The big, black chimp pushed Charley very hard. He pushed him off of the swing, and grabbed the vine. “Well, my rules are that I’m the biggest chimp, and the biggest does whatever he wants. I’m going to obey my rules. How do you like that kind of fairness?”

– – – Big Elva is just one of the jungle bullies that will help your children learn fairness, and begin to act with fairness.

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