Life Journey Gems Log

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Why did you sign up for the exclusive 11 Life-Journey Makeover Gems?

I’m guessing your life here on Earth is like mine – less than perfect – and you care about that. You need a life-journey makeover – once you decide what that is.


Some say your life journey is a roller coaster ride. You climb on, race through years of uncontrollable ups-and-downs, and end up with nothing to show for it. Really?

I have to ask how old I was when I got on the ride. Who put me on it, and why? Didn’t I have a say about my journey? Why can’t I decide on curves, speed, hills, and valleys? Why can’t I get off when I’ve had enough of that kind of ride? In fact, why should I believe I can do nothing about my destination? Why accept an intense, possibly drudgery-filled life journey that will take me nowhere good?

I disagree. I see a person’s life journey as an expedition with a distinct beginning, measure of control, and ending – birth to death.


A life-journey makeover makes changes that can transform your daily life habits in positive ways. Those changes can refresh your whole outlook on life, and give you a more rewarding life – so let’s begin your life-journey makeover with this introduction.

Evaluate Your Life

Every kind of makeover begins with a realistic assessment of the present.

Begin a document on your computer or in a notebook. Write an evaluation of your everyday life. It’s for your eyes only, so be brutally honest if you expect to make the changes you need.

Ask yourself, “Am I stuck in a rut and can’t get out? Do I feel as though my life has purpose?”

Maybe you answer, “Meh. I’m not impressed so far” or “I’m spinning my wheels” or “My life’s okay, I guess.”

Maybe you frown and ask, “How do I know if I’m stuck in a rut?”

These seven questions should help you decide. Mark each one that’s true of you.

 Your favorite of each day’s 24 hours are the ones during which you sleep.
Most mornings, you hit a snooze button and hide under your pillow.
Weeks plod from “Blue Monday” to “Hump Wednesday” to “Finally Friday”.
You’re tired of feeling beat – and bored – and bothered.
 You try working to get ahead, but seem to get further behind.
You wonder how you could ever find time to pursue a bucket list.
You wish you could shake up life, but you don’t know where to begin.

If you marked half or more of the seven, you may be stuck in a rut. Your life may look busy even though you’re spinning wheels and going no place important to you.

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook said, “The question I ask myself like almost every day is, ‘Am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?’”

Even if you think you are not stuck in a rut, something made you want a life-journey makeover. What is it? Evaluate your life, and determine whether you are doing the most important things you could be doing.

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