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Welcome back, friend.

Here we are, ready to dig out the last of our 11 life-journey makeover gems! You may be thinking there’s something else your life-journey makeover needs; something you dream of doing that would make all the difference. Might that something in your dreams be to write a book – and have it published?

GEM #11 – Writer / Best Seller

Many times, people who learn that I’m a published writer tell me eagerly, “I’ve always wanted to write a book. Have you been published?” I answer that nearly 30 of my books have been published. What do I answer when they say, “I really want to be a writer!”?

Call of the WildI do not say, “You can be anything you want to be!” Those words came from a fictional heroin user in Melvin Burgess’ Smack (1996). “Listen,” she said, “you can be anything you want to be. …It’s magic.”

No, it isn’t magic, even though the phrase is popular. The idea is not at all a secret potion that magically changes a “want to be” from dream to reality. You can read more about that in How to Become a Published Writer.

The point is that you can “want to be a writer” and never get beyond typing a title on page one. You can “want to be a best seller” and never publish even one thin book.

Writing requires skill. You mix that skill with a huge measure of commitment. You stir in several measures of your own inborn creativity. Add a healthy amount of right-brain imagination, mix very well, and then – if you’ve used quality ingredients, your writing becomes a form of art.

Many people have thought of finding a path off the beaten track that will give them time and ability to become a writer. They want to write one book – just one.

Not surprisingly, few people ever finish writing a book. If they do, few see the book published. Of those would-be writers who reach publication, fewer yet produce a book that becomes a best seller.

We call a book a best seller (or bestseller) when it has sold a large number of copies. Both spellings are correct, but the definition of “best seller” presents a catch:

Date withResponsibilityHow many copies must you sell to make your book a best seller?

When my teen romance novel Date with Responsibility became a best seller in 2005, the “large number of copies sold” was not the same as that of every teen romance that became a best seller that year.

Two of the many other glitches in the usual definitions of the term “best seller” are the lack of information on where the books must be sold, and whether sales must be retail or wholesale.

In the Writer / Best Seller Category, you enter the world of writing in every post. You read posts on how to write fiction and non-fiction. You read how to write for children and for adults. You also read about how to pursue a goal of making your carefully written book a best seller.

This category is not for everyone. It is for those who are serious about adding the hard, but sparkling gemstone of writing to their life journey – and value tips from a published, best-selling author.

This is the last of our free 11 life-journey makeover gems, and I want to thank you for taking time to look at them with me. We aren’t saying a final good-bye, of course, because you can look forward to ongoing life-journey tips delivered to your inbox.         

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