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Welcome back, friend.

Here we are, almost done discovering our 11 life-journey makeover gems!

GEM #10 – Education

You read in my author bio on the blog that I’m a retired professional career educator. As an educator, I assure you that almost anyone can benefit from today’s hidden gem.

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, of course. The word “education” may recall hated days of endless schoolwork, bullies, etc. It may carry an ominous feeling, but it does not have to do that. Don’t let it. You’ll find posts in the Education Category that lead into super-great paths for your life journey!

I can’t begin to tell you in the short confines of this gem the rewards of an adult helping to educate a son, daughter, or grandchild. That one-on-one time can enrich your own life in ways that probably don’t exist in the workday.

You yourself can profit from adult education. Learn new skills as I did when I retired and began post-graduate studies in writing. You might enhance and advance your career from home with internet education.

Maybe you’re intimidated by teens, including your own teenager. Education can give your teenager a life-journey makeover, and it can give you one at the same time.

Parent or seasoned teacher, you’ll be surprised what you learn from 16-year-old Jeremy. A teacher sent Jeremy to my office one afternoon. This teenager stood six feet plus in height and weighed in at more than 200 pounds. He pushed his huge, ugly attitude into my office – and I felt fear! Teenagers in general made me uneasy at that point in my career, but Jeremy’s presence pushed uneasiness into fear. As you read the posts about Jeremy, you get to decide whether you’d do what I did.

From my present vantage point as retired educator, I’m realizing the many ways in which senior citizens also get an invigorating life-journey makeover with education. Seniors have a wealth of knowledge. Learn how to interest and engage young people in learning, and you breathe life into the pace of a slowing life journey. You stimulate your brain; increase your happiness; get more exercise; and feel needed again.

Self-education may be the most fascinating part of this category.

Self-education is a very personal activity by which you teach yourself. You don’t buy a book or enroll in a formal class. You don’t pay tuition, and you don’t interact with a class or teacher. You don’t even get a grade or a degree. What you do get is an often fascinating change of pace in your life.

Self-education lets you study in your own way, reading books and using your natural bump of curiosity to investigate whatever you wish. Maybe you’ll educate yourself on how to build a racecar. Maybe you’ll investigate how to breed chinchillas. If you have children, you may self-educate yourself in how to raise a brighter child.

The Education Category is for everyone. A teacher will brighten his or her life-journey with posts drawn from my years as a teacher and principal. A non-teacher may find his or her life-journey taking a big turn for the better with posts about exciting new paths. Take time to see what’s there now – and visit again later for new posts.

Gem #11 – the final gem – will arrive in your inbox two or three days from now.

Until then,