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Welcome back, friend. 

As we begin to uncover this ninth gem, I remember moving to Takamatsu, Japan years ago. Not far from our new home on this fourth-largest island, a dirt road ran to the top of a high hill. We discovered that it was an amazing place to find Takamatsu’s hidden gems. Looking down from that high point, we would see a variety of beauty that was not visible to us while traveling the streets on our Honda C-50 mopeds.

GEM #9 – Variety

As you explore Bettilou’s Blog, you’ll find a category of posts that offers a wide range of hidden gems for you to explore. I thought of giving it the bland name “miscellaneous” but its assortment of beauty and interest led me to name it Variety Category instead.

The great part of this category is that it offers so many different paths for you to explore. It offers help, too, for frustrating odds-and-ends stuff you may encounter on your life journey. The posts in this category discuss emotions from joyful to sorrowful that hit you along life’s journey. They talk about things that bubble up from overflowing, exciting life around you – but they also discuss decisions that come with the death of a friend or a loved one.

As posts come along that don’t slide neatly into other categories, I place them in this catchall category. It’s a waterfall spilling over with a variety of posts that cover many different topics such as: answers to your questions, personal ramblings, recipes, tenant challenges, landlord challenges, jokes, pets, etc.

Puppy in CageOur happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever puppy is one example. When we brought him home, we knew he’d need brushing and an occasional trip to a groomer. We did not know there were 5 different grooming styles for Golden Retrievers! I just had to write a post about that and what it means to you and your new, affectionate companion.

When someone asked why parrots stop talking, I had to find the answer, even though I don’t have, and never have had a parrot.

African GreyI had heard that African Grey parrots are great companions. It seemed a good time to learn more about the kind of parrot I would choose, given the opportunity.

As I studied, I learned not only some reasons parrots stop talking, but many other facts, too. I wrote a post, named it: 7 Things Only African Grey Parrot Parents Understand, and placed it in the variety category for you.

Those are two examples of joyful posts that might help my readers, but sometimes we need help with sorrowful matters as well.

Your life journey may bring the death of a loved one someday – or you yourself may set aside time to prepare for death. Since several of my older siblings chose cremation, and their spouses scattered the ashes, I wondered what other options people have. My curiosity resulted in a post named: What to do with the Ashes.

The Variety category is poised to overflow with a torrent of interesting ideas. I know because they’re already on my “TO-WRITE LIST”!

Anyway, take a trip up this “high hill” in Bettilou’s Blog, look down on the list of posts, and see what hidden gems of information you can spot. Return often to see more.

Gem #10 will arrive in your inbox a few days from now.

Until then,