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Hello again. 

You don’t still feel as though you’re living a very uninspired life, do you? You’ve looked at seven hidden gems and, if you’ve started applying them to your day-to-day life, you should be able to say; “Now THAT is where I want to go in life!” I hope so.

GEM #8 – Book Reviews

You enter a big world of life-journey makeover help when you visit a library or bookstore. Even an online bookstore is a tool for digging out gems of information.

It helps to know what book you want, though – and this blog’s Book Review category is another helpful gem for your life-journey makeover.

My book reviews tell you what I think of books I’ve read. I seldom write book reviews on current best seller books since other authors are writing plenty of those for you. I like to review books that try to point readers toward a new path they might try in their life journey. Others may add sparkle to your life journey as you read and enjoy them.

Rest assured that I never write a review of a book I have not read.

Not only do I review books I’ve read, but also I want you to know my opinion on how they rate as books. Having over 25 published books myself, I want you to know how well the author wrote, whether he, she, or they accomplished the purpose, etc.

StarfishTo help you sort it all out, I developed Bettilou’s Book Rating System. Since book reviewers all express opinion, I decided on a 1-5 starfish book rating system that will help me express my overall opinion consistently.

One starfish warns you that the book bothered me so much I almost gave up and threw it in the trash. When I assign a 5-starfish rating, I consider that book to be life changing.

In “What to Eat When” Two Doctors Present A Diet With a Twist. Right off, I rate the book with my starfish rating system. That way, you can save time if you don’t want to use your off-work hours reading books with low ratings.

The book review on Bettilou’s Blog tells you about the two doctors who wrote the book. It gives you a few concrete examples of both doctors’ advice on when and what to eat. Then it tells you whether I liked it – and what I did like or did not like about the book. If you think your life journey needs nutritional help, I hope this book review will guide you.

Ice Cream VarietyHave you ever gone to one of those ice cream shops that provide tiny plastic spoons so you can taste lots of flavors before you decide what to get?

Book reviews are like those tiny spoons. They let you sample different books before you decide what to read. Some books leave a nasty taste. Others make your mouth water for more. You may or may not agree with the reviewer, but you will get a taste.

Take time to try the Book Review category and read some of the growing number of posts. Add this gem to your life-journey makeover with increasing results.

Hidden gems of information are sometimes hard to find, but you can find one after another when you read the right kind of books. Look for books that offer you a “path” you may never have traveled before.

Gem #9, like those you already received, will arrive in your inbox a few days from now.

Until then,