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Hello again.

You don’t still feel as though you’re living a very uninspired life, do you? You’ve looked at six hidden gems and, if you’ve started applying them to your day-to-day life, you should be able to say, “Now THAT is where I want to go in life!” I hope so.

This next gem will make some of you groan in disgust.

But wait!

Strong men and women enjoy this category as much or more than children would. I’m not talking about what you did in a kindergarten class or summer camp.

GEM #7 – Crafts

You might have thought crafts were the same as the hobbies we already discussed, but they aren’t. Hobbies don’t require manual skills and at least a small bent toward artistic satisfaction. Crafts do. Crafts can add inspiration and enjoyment to life on a one-time weekend basis, or you can get involved more regularly.

Most people like to use non-electric lighting on occasion. Maybe you’re having a backyard barbecue and want torch-type lighting. Let’s say you and your significant other want candles. You could buy candles, but it would be fun to make your own awesome creations. It would be a great stress-reliever, you decide.

Following the Secrets of Candle Making Crafts eBook, the two of you make a list of supplies, go shopping, and set up your “craft” center in the kitchen. It’s not as simple as you imagined, but you both enjoy it. In fact, you decide to try it again next weekend.

I think you’ll agree with Phyllis George (Miss America 1971, Miss Texas 1970, an American actress, a businesswoman, a former sportscaster, and Kentucky’s First Lady from 1979 to 1983) that crafters enjoy many benefits. One of those she mentions is this: “Crafts make us feel rooted….”

If you consider just 10 benefits happy crafters enjoy from the thousands of possible crafts, you’ll get an idea of how a craft can revitalize your life journey.

Bacon CandleLove the smell of bacon? You don’t have to eat it to enjoy the fragrance. You can make an easy bacon candle. Make more as gifts for friends who love that smell. Stock some for emergencies – when the bacon aroma may help reduce the stress.

The time you spend creating the candles will be appreciated each time you use them.

Woodwork Star

Woodworking crafts also give a break from traveling the ruts of a not-so-satisfying life journey. Apply manual skills and artistic eye to create objects that can be attractive and useful to you and your friends.

Bettilou’s Blog features a growing number of posts in the category of Crafts. Check them out, and add this gem to your life-journey makeover with increasing results.

Hidden gems of information are sometimes hard to find. Learning never ends on your life journey, especially when you want it to be the best journey possible. Start putting these hidden gems of a life-journey makeover into practice right away, and let me know how you’re doing. Tell me where you need help, and let’s work on it together.

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