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Hello again. 

You aren’t stopping with just this series, are you? I hope you’re exploring Bettilou’s Blog to read articles that focus on the “how-to” of the various gems we’re looking at together. This gem might seem like a mistake that will spin your wheels deeper into the ruts on your life journey, but that depends on you.

GEM #6 – Work / Career

This gem will be more exciting or less exciting to you, depending on your work ethic, so let’s see if you define “work ethic” the same way I do.

Your work ethic is your belief that hard work and diligence themselves are important. You believe that you get not just a paycheck, but moral benefit from the act of applying yourself to your work, so you apply yourself. You believe that doing your work well strengthens your character and individual abilities.

Build a sturdy work ethic, and you’ll teach yourself to tackle hard work without thinking about it. This hint can help you revolutionize your life journey!

Work or career will become more invigorating. You’ll find yourself motivated to form good work habits. You’ll impress your employer by the way you response to tasks put before you, whether digging a ditch or writing a new ad campaign. You’ll stand out by becoming a self-starter, staying motivated, focusing on your work, completing duties promptly and on time, and more.

Additionally, you can earn a good reputation and increase your value in the workplace.

Employee (business owner) or employer, you benefit from a strong work ethic.

Your strong work ethic will help you in ways you might not expect.

For example, how would you like to conquer the top 7 causes of stress at work? Many surveys have asked people, “Of all the kinds of stress you experience in life, which one is the worst?” The answer that tops the list every time is “Work Stress!”

Stress at Work

I don’t know what type of work you do or where you work, but wouldn’t it make a big part of your day easier if you could learn how to handle stress at work? Wouldn’t it make the off-hours of your life journey happier?

Experience teaches that a strong work ethic begins even before you take that next job or step up the career ladder. You learn how to perform the job before you step into it.

Suppose you teach school, or function as a school counselor. You’re asked to teach Character Education – which you didn’t think was your job. Before the first day, you’ll learn how to become an effective Character Ed teacher – even if it is not your job!

Look at it from an employer’s standpoint. Suppose you own your own small business, and you’ve hired half a dozen employees. You can have confidence that those men and women will arrive at work daily determined to do exactly what you ask, everything you ask, and before arrival of the deadline you’ve set for them. Their work ethic shows commitment to you and your business.

A strong work ethic creates a dependable, accountable, and accurate workforce.

Work / Career posts that you find on Bettilou’s Blog can help you add this gem to your life-journey makeover with increasing results.

You now have six of the eleven promised hidden gems. Can you name them without looking back? Can you write a few sentences about each gem to show that you understand how it can help with your life-journey makeover? You’re past the halfway mark – and you have many links to follow. Keep up the good work!

Gem #7 will come your way in a few days.

Until then,