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Hello friend.

It’s time to look at the next hidden gem that can revolutionize your life journey. I hope you are not stopping with just this series, but are exploring Bettilou’s Blog to read articles that focus on the “how-to” of the various gems we’re looking at together.

GEM #5 – Self Improvement

I hope you don’t think self-improvement stops at diet. That is one area of improving self that many of us need, and it can make your life journey more enjoyable. However, you’ll want to explore other self-improvement goals — goals that will help get you out of that rut and change your life journey into a happier one.

You’ll find a growing number of posts in the self-improvement category of Bettilou’s Blog. Let’s get you started right here. Think about these as potential goals.

Body Language FItness. You’re learning how to read body language of other people, but this is the flip side to body language study.

Black Cat

Your body, like everyone’s, talks to people. You can learn how to connect with others by using your body gestures and movements. You cannot say to a prospective boss, “I’m a confident person.” Your body can say that, though, if you learn how to use it. Animals learn to use body language very effectively to let you know what they want. Work on your body language fitness, and you can, too.

Organic Veggie Garden

You’ll find many other creative paths to attain the goals of self-improvement. Did you know, for instance, that there are 3 Ways to Improve YOU with Organic Gardening?

Emotional Fitness. There is such a thing as good stress, but you may be better acquainted with bad stress. Distress (bad stress) can throw your life journey into a tailspin, as I know from personal experience. Bad stress impacts every area of your life if you ignore emotional fitness. It can actually cause physical illness, causing otherwise mild sicknesses to become serious. Self-improvement efforts can make a huge difference in how you respond when you bump into stress.

Physical Fitness. History tells us it was Wallis Simpson, former Duchess of Windsor, who first said, “You can never be too rich or too thin”. While neither extreme thinness nor extreme wealth makes the most intelligent self-improvement goal, you may want to work on overall physical fitness as a path to self-improvement. Physical fitness is your body’s ability to carry out the everyday tasks you ask of it without getting too tired. You might want / need to lose weight, exercise, or seek medical help on this goal.

Nutritional Fitness. Nutritional fitness can revolutionize your life journey by protecting you from diseases and injuries. If you choose to make this one of your self-improvement goals, you may have fewer worries when the next flu virus or other disease visits your locale. You’ll know how to grow or buy the best kinds of food. You’ll know how to read those small-print labels on the cans and boxes in your grocery store. That’s the tip of this self-improvement path that helps you get more out of your life-journey.

Self-improvement posts that you find on Bettilou’s Blog are gradually uncovering those and more hidden life-journey-makeover gems.

True self-improvement takes an honest look at your life journey as it exists today. It takes a “before” photo, as it were. Then it gives the life journey in the photo a makeover as complete as the old house makeovers on TV. Take an “after” photo, and you will be surprised at the lasting changes!

Gem #6 is entirely different! Expect it in a few days.

Until then,