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Hello again. 

You’ve taken two important steps to give your life journey a fresh makeover. It’s time to move to the third of 11 Life-Journey Makeover Gems. We could give closet-makeover names to all eleven gems, I suppose, but you get the idea by now. From here on, we’ll just look at them as hidden gems that can make a huge difference in a life journey.

GEM #3 – Hobbies

Have you ever driven across 2,000 or more miles in one trip? Although my husband and I spell each other at the wheel, long trips tempt us to put off taking rest breaks. We’re eager to reach the destination and stop the monotonous driving! An hour more at the wheel will end the trip sooner. We knew it’s hard to maintain control and focus long. We knew our driving ability would decline and reaction time slow.

We knew the answer, too – regular, frequent rest stops make for more efficient, safer driving. You stop for a picnic, walk the dog, play a quick game of Frisbee, or enjoy a special view. You return to your journey refreshed, and you can drive better.

I look at hobbies as life-journey “rest stops” that turn us aside from the routine, and relax us with delightful activity while going nowhere. Become a hobbyist, and you regain focus, control, and work skills while enjoying your chosen change of pace.

Think about it. You may spend eight hours a day at a left-brain-dominant career. The work appeals because it lets you work quietly and alone in a structured environment. It lets you dig for details, and analyze those details carefully. You like to think logically and methodically about laws, numbers, science, etc. Your work satisfies, but exhausts you. Schedules and deadlines take their toll, making it harder to do your best work.

Like the driver on a long journey, you need a rest stop. You need opportunities to exercise your creative, imaginative right brain – with a hobby!

Imagine learning How to Turn a Handful of Flowers into Ikebana, and enjoying an hour or so once a week using your brain’s creative side as a rest stop. Both men and women practice ikebana regularly, finding it to be a quiet rest stop on a life journey.

Male / Female Ikebana

OR – you may spend your days at a right-brain-dominant career. Right-brainers like teachers and coaches, love to look at the whole picture rather than details. They like to plan big things, think outside the box, and try new ways of accomplishing those big things. They eagerly motivate those around them to see the dream they see – and get involved in that dream.

If you’re that kind of “driver” on the journey, you need rest stops. You need opportunities to balance your life by exercising your analytical, detail-oriented left brain – and your career can benefit greatly from a regularly practiced hobby!

Warning: Hobbies Can Advance Your Career! Employers prove that regularly. Building a detailed model railroad layout; photographing the world around you; baking special treats; reading good books; writing; running – choose from a myriad of interesting hobbies you can pursue to take a break from the daily grind of your (enjoyable) career.

Check out the hobby category of Bettilou’s Blog to find one or more rest stop hobbies for your life journey! I’ll keep adding more, so if you don’t see what you want yet, be sure to visit that category regularly to see what’s been added.

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