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Welcome back!

You evaluated your present life journey and now you’re ready to begin your life-journey makeover. Let’s go right to our first hidden treasure of a great life-journey.

GEM #1 Basic Pieces

Have you ever done a wardrobe makeover for yourself or someone else? If so, you probably emptied out the closet and drawers to see what you already had. Right? In other words, you evaluated your current wardrobe to see what clothing it held.

You did that with your life journey in our Introduction. You looked at your current life and determined what you already have.

ClosetIf this were a wardrobe makeover, the next thing you’d do is make a list of basic pieces of clothing you need depending on your work, etc. For example: jeans, colorful tops, and a few business/formal basics like black slacks, a white shirt, and a nice jacket.

Your life journey also calls for basic pieces – essentials that go on your list first. You can manage life nicely without some of your life’s current goings-on. Those you could toss or donate and still have what you need.

A successful life journey, however, absolutely requires certain basic pieces. Let’s call them “basic values”.

Of all the activities that have filled your life journey thus far, what basic values do you consider so important that you must have them?

Are you confused as to what I mean by “basic values” that guide a life journey? Studies show that we can own as many as 66 values. Imagine! Check out this list of all 66 values. You can make a whopping difference in your daily life just by adding and using regularly the values on the list.

You might be surprised to discover that you already have some of those – values such as creativity, punctuality, optimism, diligence, or friendliness. That’s like already having a pair of hiking shorts and a decent shirt to go with them. Each piece helps your overall wardrobe, but I wouldn’t call them essentials. You want to keep such, but focus on choosing strong basics that will really shake up your life.

The following two basic values take life out of the ruts and give it a major makeover.

LOVE is the first basic value that can revolutionize your life!

I’m talking about authentic love, of course. True love’s much more than an emotion. It’s much more than going on dates or having a “significant other” in your life. You’ll want to include authentic love in your life-journey makeover, but — Warning: Real Love Works!

People say lots of things about love that just aren’t so. Back in 1579, John Lyly wrote “all is fair in love and war”, but I disagree strongly. The 1970 movie Love Story tells us that “love means never having to say you’re sorry”, but you may want to rethink that. 

COURAGE is the second basic value to build into your life journey.

Adults and mature teenagers will find help for building this kind of courage in a book named simply: Courage. Younger teenagers and mature “tweens” will find help (and entertainment in a teen novel entitled Passport to Courage.

Bettilou’s Blog features these helps as well as an entire category of blog posts I call Character / Moral Values. That category offers you a collection of ongoing posts you can use practically in developing life-journey convictions. Check it out!

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