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Labrador Puppies in North Texas


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You may have noticed my North Texas address on the blog website. More precisely, our Plano, TX address puts us just north of Dallas/Fort Worth.

The residents of this area usually use the term North Texas. If we called it the northern part of central Texas, we’d be more precise, but you know how it is. Someone uses a term, it seems to fit, and the rest is history.

People in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas sometimes speak of the metropolitan area and North Texas as the same thing, but I didn’t set out to write about our part of Texas. I’m writing about Labrador puppies in North Texas.

In 2020, Labrador retrievers extended their reign as our nation’s most popular purebred to a record-breaking 29th year. The American Kennel Club revealed that popularity ranking in May of this year.

Labrador puppies in North Texas reflect that streak for endearing themselves to a wide variety of people. They continue to be in great demand.

Mugshot of PepWould the current popularity continue if more people learned about the black Lab that ended up in jail? In 1924, Pep was sentenced to 10 years in the Eastern State Penitentiary.

The alleged crime? Murder!

Pennsylvania’s Governor Gifford Pinchot sentenced Pep to life incarceration without parole for murdering a cat belonging to Cornelia, the governor’s wife. The newspapers reported the alleged crime, with Pep’s mugshot, but was it only fake news?

You can read Pep’s story here and decide for yourself.

If you’re selling a litter of Lab puppies, high popularity makes you happy. If you’re looking to buy a Lab puppy, high popularity could affect you differently.

Lab puppies in the Dallas Fort Worth area that are quality, pedigreed dogs may be more difficult to locate. Since you will likely be paying between $1000 and $5000 for a pedigreed Labrador puppy, it pays to do your homework before buying.

You pay a lower price and have a greater selection if a pet / companion quality puppy will help your life journey makeover. Pets do make a difference in a life journey, of course, and you want to choose one based on the goal, not simply on bragging rights.

Pet stores, Craigslist, Labrador rescue organizations, and animal shelters give good options for puppies of pet quality.

The Right Kennel

Labrador puppies in the North Texas area that come with AKC registration of their pedigree lines will come from good kennels, not the city animal shelter. How do you find the right kennel?

  • Contact the Dallas-Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Club (LRC);
  • Look in a local phone book; or
  • Search online.

List 10 or 12 kennels that appear to be good. Call each and ask intelligent questions such as those found on the main Labrador Retriever Club website.

Your telephone conversations should help you narrow the field to three or four kennels that seem good. Take time to visit each one, but before you do, research the Labrador Retriever breed and make a list of the important questions to ask.

At the kennel, be very observant. Look for cleanliness on every side. Labrador puppies as well as the older dogs should show no signs of fear when around the breeder. Ask more questions.

One kennel we found for Labrador puppies in North Texas is “Oasis Labradors” in Rowlett, Texas. They have several prize-winning sires and dams. They raise both yellow and black Lab pups. One of their strong points is the written guarantee they provide on every Lab pup. You know the puppies will be healthy as well as pedigreed.

Another kennel that invests time and effort to be sure their puppies are healthy and from pedigreed parents is “Twilight Run Kennels” in Farmersville, Texas. Even if you decide to get a pup elsewhere, Twilight Run Kennels’ website has wonderful information for potential Lab families. For example:

“Expect to devote several hours a day to play with, training, caring for and monitoring a new puppy. And be ready to spend time every day with your adult dog.”

Black Lab Pup

Labrador Rescue

Labrador puppies in North Texas, as well as adult Labs, may also be found at the Dallas Fort Worth Labrador Rescue. Get your Lab pup at the Labrador Rescue center, and you’ll likely get one that is past the “naughty” puppy stage. They’re living in foster homes, not in cages, which makes them wonderful companions.

Helpful Tip

The price of any dog does not indicate its quality. Many disreputable breeders are very happy to charge steep prices to make it appear that their dogs are top notch. Despite efforts to control puppy mills, they still exist and manage to sell their low quality pups.

Guard, too, against vague assurances that a puppy is “AKC registered” by the breeder. You need to apply for the registration. If you expect the puppy to be AKC-registrable, you’ll have to get the application from the breeder when you pick up the pup. Reject excuses such as ‘AKC hasn’t sent the papers yet.’ If the kennel does paperwork as it should, they will have the  AKC Registration application form ready to hand you. Don’t let the price of the puppy leave your left hand until you hold the form in your right hand. Then, and only then, you’re ready to take home your puppy.


Labrador puppies in North Texas live in a different climate from those in North Montana, but they are still the same breed – happy, loving, and very popular. Choose a black, chocolate, yellow, or silver Lab puppy, non-aggressive and goofy in any shade. Invite a Labrador Retriever pup to join your life journey, and he or she will take care of your life-journey makeover irresistibly.