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How to Become an Effective Character Ed Teacher – Even if it is Not Your Job (Part 1 of 5)

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Knowing how to be an effective Character Ed teacher can give you huge rewards. You can win greater respect from colleagues, friends, and spouse. You can experience increased cooperation from students. Knowing how to become an effective Character Ed teacher can save time, too. Discover what is behind such effectiveness, and you might actually improve your health.

Even if it is not your job? Definitely! Even if it is not your job to teach Character Ed, you can teach it effectively. Your efforts can mesh with and reinforce those of the one whose job it is. The results will be a win-win-win situation for you, other teachers, and your students.

There are several steps, but this Greek letter will help you remember the first.


Alpha Position

You will become an effective teacher of character traits, consistently getting good results, when you earn an alpha position.

What is an alpha position? It is a position of recognized leadership. Just as the Greek letter alpha stands at the front of the Greek alphabet, one in an alpha position stands at the front.

“But,” you say, “I stand at the front of my classroom. That has not guaranteed effectiveness in teaching character or anything else. What am I missing here?”

Placing your body in front of the class is not the answer. You’re right. The alpha position has nothing to do with the location of your body. It has to do with the position of your inner self. It has to do with how you view yourself inside, and how you act in light of that view.

Alpha Dog

You may have heard of alpha dogs. I am a dog lover, although not an expert on dog behavior, and experience has taught me that alpha dogs exhibit certain effectiveness. They tap into a magnetism that makes other dogs respond. Alpha dogs do not always stand at the front of a pack. They walk among pack members – eat  among pack members. They work among them, but stand out as being at the front of the pack. They are indisputable leaders.

Alpha dogs never study for the role – never earn a master’s degree in Alpha Dogship. They need not be older or tougher. They don’t become alphas simply by being born a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, etc. A pack doesn’t follow them due to hair color.

Alpha dogs simply exert a consistent, inner strength that other dogs recognize. They make their leadership obvious. Alpha dog eats first. Alpha dog goes down the trail first. Without thinking it through, the other dogs follow alpha dog’s lead. Of course, you are not an animal. Still, you can enjoy the easy leadership of the alpha dog.

Alpha You

You can build alpha dog strength in yourself, exert that strength to take an alpha position – and become an effective Character Education teacher – even if it is not your job. How?

You will build peacefulness, confidence, and consistency into YOU!

  1. Peacefulness begins by recognizing the people and things with which you disagree. Then it acts to refuse their control over your attitude, consciously choosing to remain calm, quiet, and undisturbed.
  2. Confidence begins by evaluating realistically, and accepting your true abilities. Then it acts positively to believe that you can and, within reason, you will succeed in the used of your abilities, even though others may not agree.
  3. Consistency begins by determining what you profess to believe is right and wrong. Then it acts to bring your behavior and speech into harmony with what you profess to yourself and others.


In Part 2 on this subject, you will look at the first of those three character traits in more depth. You will discover how peacefulness can help you become an effective teacher of any discipline, but especially of Character Education. Easy, proven ideas will begin to mold you into the alpha position that will yield those great benefits you want.