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How this Freebie Helps Your Kids Handle Social Distancing and other COVID-19 Demands


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How do you help your children handle the novel coronavirus / COVID-19 social distancing? How do you make sure kids wash their hands as often as they should? How do you help them practice washing long enough with soap – and keep rinsing long enough while rubbing to remove germs? (Hint: Everyone should wash long enough to sing the “Happy Birthday” song all the way through once while washing and all the way through once more while rinsing.)

We all know, especially if we have children, that those are not the only COVID-19 demands. Parents have a never-ceasing task of helping children handle this crisis. That’s why I decided to give you one of my books FREE during April 2020 only. ~~~ EXTENDED UNTIL OCTOBER 1, 2020! ~~~

How can this freebie book help your kids handle social distancing and other COVID-19 demands? It lets a very amusing skunk named Stinky set kids to laughing and hollering with delight. It takes their thoughts away from pandemic problems. At the same time, it teaches them to handle their problems with self-control.

Stinky Skunk's Self-ControlStinky Skunk’s Self-Control has been a favorite in families and schools globally ever since it first went to print in 2004. There’s just something about a naughty skunk that appeals to children. Maybe the kids’ own naughtiness helps them identify with Stinky. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The fact remains that children who already know how to read love reading this book, and non-readers love hearing it.

Cute little Stinky wants friends, and desperately tries to get attention, thinking she can force others to become her friends.

Her antics begin at the top of the very first page:

Stinky, the tiniest striped skunk in the big forest,
pulled her small black nose out of the moist
brown dirt and sniffed. Cherries! Sweet red cherries.
Cherries were so much better in autumn than
insects that lived in the dirt.

“Whoever has cherries must give them to me,”
said Stinky. “And if they don’t – psst!”

Psst was Stinky’s very special perfume.
Daddy called it musk, but Stinky called it Psst.

Your kids may guess immediately what Stinky means! They will soon see that Stinky prompts an unescapable version of “social distancing” just with her perfume! Imagine refusing to practice social distancing if a nasty little skunk is turning her tail toward you!

That’s something you can talk about with your children. Help them relate it to the need for social distancing, and use it now and then to refresh their memories.

You don’t want me to spoil the story for you, so I’m going to stop there.

You see how this freebie book helps your kids handle social distancing as well as other COVID-19 demands. You’re getting two (2) big helpers and many smaller helpers. Here are the two big ones.

1) The delightful story keeps your children entertained initially and entertained again with each repeat reading.

2) The story includes Stinky’s catchy “Self-Control Song” – and kids love to sing that! They learn to act with self-control each time they sing it.

You know the tune to Pop Goes the Weasel, don’t you? Your children probably know that tune, too – and love it. Click the link just above, turn up the volume, and you’ll raise kids’ curiosity. Teach them the words to Stinky’s song, and you’ll hear them singing it day after day. (Please don’t get too tired of hearing it!)

Kids who’ve developed self-control handle things like social distancing better. They control themselves to take time to wash hands properly. They keep their feelings in check instead of pouting because they’re bored. They restrain themselves instead of throwing temper tantrums.

Good teachers always have a bag of tricks ready for unusually trying days, and I hope you saw the bag of tricks I already posted. These are all freebies, of course, as my contribution to help us get through this historic period of the corona virus, COVID-19 pandemic with our vital need for social distancing.

Click here and download all 25 FREEBIES (a zip file of 25 trading cards.) Take time to go and read this post if you missed it: 25 Freebies Keep Children Happy in COVID-19 Quarantine or Social Distancing (and anytime!). It gives you ideas on how to use the trading cards.

Stinky Skunk Trading CardHere’s a picture of the “Stinky Skunk” trading card. It’s included in the packet of 25 Freebie cards.

You might want also to see all of the books in the set from which you get Stinky Skunk. Click here to see the cute downloadable books that go with 13 of your 25 freebie trading cards. Not all of the Character Companions books are free, but your copy of the Stinky Skunk eBook is free – for a limited time.

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How can this freebie book help your kids handle social distancing and other COVID-19 demands? Try it and see. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain!