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Everyone is Getting a Character Tattoo!


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Yes, you read that right. Everyone is getting a character tattoo. More accurately, everyone is having a series of these large, intricate, colorful tattoos done in increments. The phenomenon is not limited to one nation either. Globally, every man, woman, and child is getting a complex series of character tattoos.

Don’t believe it?

Ask a group of friends or acquaintances to show you their character tattoos. You will likely see more raised eyebrows than literal tattoos, but rest assured that whether they reveal them or hide them, everyone you know is part of this widespread practice.

You may be amazed to learn that you also are in the process.

Avoidable Character Tattoos:

I am not talking about tattoos that you get only if you choose to do so. That is, I’m not talking about tattoos such as those below.

Anime Tattoo

Character Tattoos ~ That Represent Creature Characters

Many people pay to have animation characters, charming or grotesque, inked on their bodies. Each conveys a message, a glimpse into the wearer’s inner self. One wearer described a Peter Pan character tattoo as a reminder never to leave behind the wonder of childhood. Another said the motivation for a grotesque video warrior tattoo was to protest his parents’ and society’s demands.

Love Character Tattoo

Character Tattoos ~ That Represent Foreign Word Characters

Some decide to have words written in Chinese or Japanese characters tattooed on their bodies. These character tattoos also communicate a message, but may not express what you intended. One British teenager paid for a Chinese character tattoo of the words “love, honor, and obey” on his upper arm. Imagine his shock when a Chinese person explained to him that the tattooist used characters that said, “At the end of the day, this is an ugly boy.”

Cross and VerseTattoo

Character Tattoos ~ That Represent Religious Symbol Characters

A great number of people choose to have religious characters placed permanently (or semi-permanently) on the body. These tattoos telegraph messages as loudly as do the above two tattoo types. Ask a lady wearing a cross or angel tattoo, and she might say it testifies to her religious faith. Ask a man about the cross or other religious character tattoo he wears, and he may well say he wears it for protection from an adversarial gang or other danger.

Would you agree with me that all of the above character tattoo types are avoidable? Few people would compel you to get any of those tattoos. Few people would allow someone to coerce them into getting tattoos they do not want.

Saying, “everyone is getting a character tattoo” must refer, then, to something other than avoidable tattoos.

Going back to our original approach of asking a group of friends or acquaintances to show you their character tattoos may cause confusion. You must ask if they have any of the unavoidable character tattoos.

Unavoidable Character Tattoos

Character tattoos of the sort under discussion never fall into a category of optional accessories. They are inescapable – inevitable. Everyone receives them, like it or not.

Acquaintances in the U.S., Japan, Spain, and New Zealand all get them. Tourists who recently arrived from Brazil, China, and the United Kingdom all sport character tattoos, No man, woman, boy, or girl on Earth can escape getting a character tattoo.


No Marks on Your Skin

Here is the point. These character tattoos do not consist of permanent (or semi-permanent) modifications on our visible skin. These character tattoos comprise modifications to our innermost beings.

Each time you or I perform any action, we record a mark on the “moral skin” of our hearts. We cannot escape it. We cannot cry out against a mark, and avoid having it added to the pattern. No. One by one, from the day of birth until the day of death, we add inexorably to our tattoos.

Look at these examples.


Bend the truth during a discussion, and your tattoo records dishonesty.

Engage in spouse bashing, and your tattoo takes the colors of disrespect.

Young Women Gossips

Lose your temper, shouting at another person, and ink on lack of self-control.

Shirk your job, or do it half-heartedly, and color yourself irresponsible.

Shirking Work

You get the picture, I’m sure. Those closest to you at home or in the workplace get the picture, too – the emerging pattern of who you truly are. You are one of three:

…. ~ a person of strong character,
…. ~ a person of weak character, or
…. ~ a person lacking in character.

Every person on Earth is getting a tattoo, but your daily conduct determines the pattern of yours.

Choose Carefully

Although I’ve never visited a tattoo parlor or tattoo art studio, common sense dictates an important first step of deciding on a design.

Choose a design based on what other people like, and you deceive yourself. Other people don’t have to live with it, but you do – until you die. You need to think about what you want your visible skin tattoo to say about you.

The same is true with the character tattoo on your heart’s “moral skin”. You will get that inescapable character tattoo, but you can choose the design.

Think about what you want your character tattoo to say about you. Do you want a motif showing a total lack of character or a work of art that shows strong, steadfast character? The choice is yours.

Watch Closely

Keep an eagle eye on the progress of your character tattoo. If you see a harsh line of untrustworthiness appear, redouble your efforts to become more trustworthy. Should a small blob of ingratitude drop on the design, work hard to build gratitude into your life. What if a dark angle of hatred appears? Focus every effort to lavish on bright shades of authentic love – the character trait that sacrifices self in order to do what is best for the other person.


Everyone is getting a character tattoo. Your personal actions continue to ink a personal character tattoo on your inner being as long as you live. Never let down your guard, thinking your design is complete. Build character daily, and you will have a character tattoo worthy of the name. While you’re at it, you might want to tell a friend that everyone is getting a character tattoo.