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Crazy Crafts that Last beyond Covid-19


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Crazy crafts that last beyond the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 don’t have to seem as wild as a full-sized grand piano that became an outdoor water fountain!

Crazy crafts that appear to be very tame can become equally captivating, working their way into your life, and lasting well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Such crazy crafts can help us deal with cabin fever brought on by spending much of every day confined at home to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

These crazy crafts do more than that, though. They add new paths to the journey you are taking through life, stimulating interest for you and your family.

Crazy craft discoveries can excite and add color to your life for years to come. Take the idea of that grand piano outdoor water fountain.

Suppose you’re the one who finds an old grand piano in your garage. You don’t mind evicting the termite squatters that moved into it, but they’ve trashed it, and now it’s good for nothing. You can’t play it. You can’t sell it. You can’t give it away. You can’t recycle it. You refuse to pay a $500 disposal fee. What do you do?

Try a crazy COVID-19 craft!

Go out and look at the piano. Then close your eyes and pretend it isn’t a musical instrument. Think of it as a large wooden object that you could repurpose into something unique and wonderful. Imagine what you might be able to do with it.

The grand piano pictured at the head of this post belonged to a man named Bill Metzgar – who probably took the photo we found. Bill used his imagination to turn a once-priceless, but now-dying 1885 Steinway grand piano into this romantic outdoor piece where the water fountain continues to produce peaceful music.

Now, I play the piano, and I’ve loved pianos since early childhood. I think pianos deserve the best of care, but I applaud a man that takes a full size grand piano infested with termite squatters, and uses his crafting ability to up-cycle the instrument into a sweet dedication to his mother on Mother’s Day.

You can accomplish such a crazy COVID-19 craft while redeeming the downtime during a pandemic. Your craft can become a life-journey makeover when you turn it into an ongoing pursuit of items that can be up-cycled instead of re-cycled.

I like some of the piano ideas at  and you may find one there you can use. I don’t think I’d ever opt to knit a “dress” for my piano, however, as did the person or persons who created this.

Grand Piano with Yarn

We’ll leave the piano option, but two tips before we go.

  • To get a FREE piano, check Craigslist, Offerup, or other classified ad site.
  • To up-cycle without inner parts, extract before moving to lighten the load.

Another crazy craft that can last you far beyond Covid-19 stay-home regulations appeals to those who love boating.

Suppose your garage contains a canoe instead of a piano. It’s been patched so often that it’s no longer usable in the water. It sits there full of memories, though, and you just can’t bear to trash it.

Look at your old canoe. Close your eyes and imagine how it might continue to share those memories with you. People have done beautiful things with canoes.

  • Make a child’s bed by cutting off one end, carving out one side for easy access, and turning the other end upright as a headboard. Paint the wood, add a thick foam mattress, and your child has an inviting bed.
  • In a lakeside home, hang your canoe from the ceiling with stout ropes to make a gently swaying hammock bed.
  • Feature the old canoe and its memories as a canoe couch.
Canoe Couch

But wait! What if the best you have on hand is three old, mismatched chairs? Can you come up with a crazy craft that might make something unique out of those?

Home Depot did. Go to their web site and you’ll find step-by-step instructions for turning your unmatched chairs into a clever and beautiful bench

Chair Bench

Check your mismatched chairs first to be sure none offers a seat higher or lower than the other seats. This craft idea turns out to be simple, and cost little. The resulting beautiful bench will bear little resemblance to the three dusty chairs that made it possible.

Again, if you don’t have three chairs, try the online classified ads mentioned above to find free chairs of the same seat height.

While looking at chairs, think about using a rocking chair for a child’s swing in your yard – painted in the child’s favorite, bright color. Use an old rocking chair with arms and a back. Remove the legs and rockers. Find a tall, strong tree, and create a swing in the normal way. You can find detailed instructions online.

Put two chairs together as you did for the bench above, and create a peaceful, stress-reducing swing to hang from chains on Grandpa and Grandma’s porch.

Smaller Crazy Crafts that will last beyond 2020

Remember that while I’m writing this while still in lockdown due to pandemic regulations, we’re talking about unique crafts that can provide you with pleasant bypaths throughout your life journey.

Thus far, we’ve considered large objects, but you can apply the same principles to smaller things you’d like to upcycle.

Bicycles ~ Think of crafts that repurpose bicycles and their parts.

Bicycle Wheel Wall ClockThe internet contains many ideas that may seem crazy at first, but produce amazing results. This bicycle tire wall clock, for example, takes little time or materials, and becomes a handsome addition to a den or family room. Choose a bicycle or tricycle wheel of appropriate size.

A complete bike can form the frame for a desk or table in a loft or out on the deck. You might upcycle bicycle seats atop old counter-height chair bases as stools.

Think creatively about the various parts of that old bicycle or tricycle lying in your garage, and make your own crazy craft idea.

Mix ‘n’ Match ~ Imagine a craft that mixes two very different items you find.

Mix n Match Craft ViolinThis violin, with a cracked back, languished in my grandfather’s attic until we found it. Grandfather gave it to us free, and my husband created a beautiful work of art that hangs above the piano in our living room.

Forget about ordering craft kits to keep yourself busy. Don’t worry that your local craft stores are still closed. Be creative with what you have!


The term “Crazy COVID-19 crafts” will soon become “crazy crafts” as pandemic regulations loosen and eventually fade into history. Your crazy COVID-19 craft ideas, however, can last far beyond 2020.

Brighten your life- journey by throwing some crazy crafts into it. I think you’ll be glad you did.