About Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton is retired. She holds postgraduate diplomas in teaching, writing and Japanese. She enjoyed a career in teaching and administration (US, NZ, Japan), before becoming a published author and entrepreneur. She loves writing, travel, research, and helping others succeed.

A Bestseller’s Tarnished Award – Part 1

This is an allegory – a tale that uses symbolic fictional people to express a true event in my life as a writer. I wrote it in 2005, but the response I received from writers in many countries makes me believe you also would like to read it [...]

Top 5 Vacation Destinations in the Southern Hemisphere (Part 3)

Ushuaia takes top billing as Argentina’s southernmost city – and the southernmost city in the world. What a place! You’ll want to be sure you include Ushuaia as one of your top 5 vacation destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. Look at [...]

Top 5 Vacation Destinations in the Southern Hemisphere (Part 2)

Ask yourself. Is it worth it to me to spend a day and a half to reach Africa’s ultimate safari destination and experience all the excitement it holds for me? Would it exceed what I can get at my local zoo? Get detailed as you question yourself [...]
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