About Us – You and Bettilou

About Bettilou, i.e., Elizabeth L. Hamilton, a.k.a. Anna Hart

“You can’t name her Bettilou!” The doctor declared at my birth. My parents stood their ground, but the doctor insisted. “Bettilou’s a nickname. You need a formal name on the birth certificate.”

My parents gave in, and named me Elizabeth Louise Ritchey.

In real life, everyone called me Bettilou, and those closest to me still do, but in legal matters, I remain Elizabeth Louise.

Elizabeth HamiltonMy bridegroom changed Ritchey to Hamilton, and I use Anna Hart as a pseudonym, which explains the title at the top of this page. However, Bettilou is Elizabeth Hamilton, and Elizabeth Hamilton sometimes goes by Anna Hart.

Like you, I’m on my life journey. Thus far, it has taken me from one state to another – one country to another. It has paused briefly at one house after another, sometimes better and sometimes worse. In fact, a man I met along the way exclaimed of one house in which we lived, “You could write a book: Hamilton Fun House!” That book hasn’t yet made it onto my list of publications, but I will share some “fun house” stories as I have time, giving you a sneak peek into the proposed book.

About You, i.e., a fellow traveler

Remember, this page is “ABOUT US”, YOU and Bettilou. YOU inspired me to launch Bettilou’s Blog. YOUR life journey inspires the content of each post!

Your Life Journey

You won’t get far along your life journey before you begin to face choices – those places where two roads meet. If you’ve been alive more than ten years, you’ve already made many decisions, and regretted a few of them, right?

One I regretted came my first semester of college. I decided to accept a date with a man I barely knew. I attended a performance of Handel’s “Messiah” with him, but died a thousand deaths when he did jumping jacks in the aisle during intermission!

You won’t regret every decision, of course. You may have had an “okay” life journey to this point with very few regrets. You know your life journey could be better, though. You could choose better paths if you just had a qualified guide beside you.

That’s what I hope you’ll find on Bettilou’s Blog – a qualified guide to help you learn how to choose the right paths by yourself.


~ As a Published Author with a postgraduate diploma in writing, I have been privileged to sell more than 25 books and countless articles, ranging from fiction to nonfiction, for child audiences to adult audiences. My first fictional success, Remember Pearl Harbor, sold in both English and Japanese at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial bookstore for many years. My more recent novel, Date with Responsibility, became an Amazon bestseller. Both of those, as well as everything else I have written (fiction or nonfiction), required intensive research to ensure accuracy.

You get quality research from a published author FREE on Bettilou’s Blog in every article I post for your help. I write what I know, and my writing is original. When I answer your questions, I make sure you get my highest quality information from personal experience or thorough research.

~ As a Licensed Educator with a postgraduate diploma in education, I taught young people and adults in 15 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii, as well as Teacher in NZin Japan (11 years) and New Zealand (3 years). I served as K-12 principal in the U.S. and New Zealand. I have written and sold professional publications to train educators, and received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for my work in that area. I know how to help you learn, and I love doing it.

You benefit from a career educator’s FREE tutoring at Bettilou’s Blog as you learn to make better decisions from the sublime to the ridiculous, i.e. from something serious or very important to something silly or not so important. We can answer not only your question “Does character really matter?” but also your question “Why did my parrot stop talking?”

~ As a Multilingual Traveler with a postgraduate diploma in Spoken Japanese, I lived in the Japanese culture 11 years, bilingual in the Japanese language, NZ Glacierliving in typical Japanese housing, teaching Spoken English in Japanese schools and private classes, and traveling extensively throughout Japan. During my 3 years in New Zealand, I spoke U.S. English, but had to understand “Kiwi” English, which totally confused me when: for example, I heard that a child was “crook” (sick) or a young man had to go to the “ablution block” (restroom).

You get FREE, at Bettilou’s Blog, a fusion of the varied skills I learned and honed while living in the varied cultures of the world. You get the knowledge I gathered from many people with diverse interests, along with the understanding and the stretching of both my imagination and yours.

~ As a Biblical Christian with a graduate degree in Bible, and lifelong postgraduate studies in God’s Word, I work to be sure that I do everything to the best of my ability and with all honesty. I base all of my writing about character and moral values on the moral absolutes God gives us in His Word, the Holy Bible. I study, write, and rewrite to give you the best help I can in making a wide range of choices that will help you along your life journey.

You can trust Bettilou’s Blog to give you FREE, but meaningful help on living life better. At one extreme, you will find help on secular choices such as crafts and hobbies that give the relaxation your body needs. At the other extreme, you will find honest guidance on spiritual choices such as character and moral values that affect the destination you will reach at the end of your life journey.

Which choice will you make?


Life decisions say a lot about us, and they can lead to vastly different destinations. Picture the crossroads where you faced a choice of healthy or unhealthy lifestyles – and chose the wrong one. Most of us regret some decisions, but we can learn to stand at the crossroads long enough to choose the better path and walk in it.

Make a decision right now. Go to our “BLOG” page and make a decision from the “BLOG CATEGORIES” list on the right. Read a few posts.

Then send me a comment or question so we can get to know each other and talk about some specific choices you need to make.

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