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5 Ways to Travel or Vacation at Home


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Your life journey seems to have become drearier than dreary and you want excitement. You dream of exotic cruises to glamorous places beyond the horizon, but thoughts of money, health, work, or family matters quickly bombard your dream. Your home’s comforting walls morph into jail cell bars, keeping all travel excitement beyond reach, but you can change that!

These 5 ways to travel or vacation at home can give you some of the excitement and fun without breaking the bank or cutting into regular responsibilities.

1. Explore the Native Places

A young couple in Hawaii, surrounded by a feast for the senses, spent minimal time with the exotic plants, cuisine, scenery, sea life, fragrances, and events. They enjoyed some native places, but stuck mostly to a hometown routine.

Despite tourists all around, they didn’t see Hawaii as a travel destination for themselves. Only when their life journey led away from Hawaii did they wish they had explored more.

We once lived in Hamilton – the 20th largest city in Montana, but still totaling fewer than 5000 in population. On a two-lane road between mountain ranges, Hamilton seemed pretty-but-humdrum to us until one bleak, cold autumn day when we began to explore.

Still within one mile of home, we heard a thunderous noise. Jerking our heads to the left, we watched a herd of big elk thunder down the slope of a field and race past our car. They splashed our life journey with exciting color! We were hooked, and on later short drives, shared snowy roads with big horn sheep, elk, mule deer, bears, and moose. We found sparkling blue lakes and white waterfalls. We stumbled across a Mexican restaurant owned and staffed by a family who had passed recipes along for decades from south of the border.

Exploring the native place provided hours of travel and enjoyable vacation without packing, battling crowds, incurring debt, or missing work. As in many places we lived, long-time residents said we’d seen native things they never had seen.

2. Discover Inexpensive Travel

You can enjoy the exciting colors of travel and vacation without breaking a piggy bank.

Look at this fascinating advertising campaign showing how to enjoy “twins” of the world’s most beautiful vacation sights on a low budget. A German railway company made this video to show that you don’t always need to go far away to experience unforgettable travel experiences. You can enjoy amazing sights for a mere $20.

Let’s use the same idea. Dig in and study your hometown area. You may have a “twin” of a famous international location sparkling not far from home!

At the upper New York State college I attended, some students stuck in the everyday routine, seemingly unaware of Letchworth State Park. It was only 17 minutes’ drive from college, so they could have visited. Students who visit the park pay only $8 per vehicle to enter – but they find the spectacular Grand Canyon of the East. A roaring river, winding canyon, 600-foot high cliffs, waterfalls, and trails through a lush forest combine give visitors the exciting travel experience of a grand canyon without spending hundreds of dollars on the more famous canyon in Arizona.

Save money! Discover the inexpensive travel experiences in your hometown area, and add the bright colors of travel excitement to your life journey.

3. Visit a Distant Country in “The Place where People Sit and Relax”

This happens right in the room where you sit and relax, and you may watch a travel video, but this method of visiting takes in so much more! You can save money, save time, and save your health while enjoying a whole day of travel right in your living room.

Begin by deciding what country to visit on this vacation trip. Spread a large blanket or comforter on the floor. Place on the blanket snacks you might buy in that country. Add other things such as non-touristy movies or TV shows featuring the country. Try to choose those that use that country’s language with subtitles – or English with an accent. The idea is to help transport you to the destination as though you were there. If you have a travel show of the country, you can intersperse it with your movies and shows. Place your cell phone on the blanket for emergency – the way you would use it if far from home. You can take selfies of your “travel” day, but don’t take interruptions.

If you like to cook, prepare food ahead that reflects the national culture (see number 5), and plan to reheat it during your full-day vacation. Try not to leave the blanket except for rest stops. Make the blanket your chosen travel destination for the whole day to intensify the experience and get your life out of the rut.

4. Follow a Travel Vlogger

Travel makes for a wonderful diversion from life’s less exciting responsibilities. You widen your perspective when you travel. You walk where people of other cultures walk. You see life through someone else’s eyes – and that someone else can be a travel vlogger.

Travel vloggers post blogs as short videos – “v” replaces the “b” in blog. Travel vlogs are personal, natural, and real video visits to a wide variety of destinations. Travel vloggers post their footage on YouTube where you can enjoy their travels with them. Each vlog is usually less than three minutes long instead of the 30 to 60-minute long professional travel videos. That lets you squeeze a little travel into most any day!

You can choose from a rapidly growing number of travel vloggers – or watch a variety of vloggers. Some of the vloggers on this list might be just the right match for you.

5. Travel Army Style in Your Kitchen

Napoleon Bonaparte or Frederick the Great (no one is sure which) said, “an army marches on its stomach.” Think of that when it comes to enjoying the benefits of travel without leaving your home. Travel army style, editing the famous phrase to “travels on its stomach.” How do you travel on your stomach?

Try new foods just as you would do if you traveled to a different country. You can find new recipes online. Try just one, or make an entire meal if you love cooking.

Suppose you would love to visit Botswana and see the elephants. You know that trip isn’t going to happen soon, but you can savor the “must eat meals” of the trip.


Prepare seswaa, Botswana’s traditional meat dish made of beef, goat, chicken, or lamb meat. You can serve it with polenta, pap (maize meal) or sorghum meal porridge.

If you traveled on your stomach just once each month, you could make a culinary visit to 12 different countries each year!


These 5 ways to travel or vacation at home are an introduction. Start researching, and enjoy video series such as “Begin Japanology” and “Japanology Plus” —  fascinating explorations of Japan, a country brimming with culture and history.

Add to and revolutionize your life-journey makeover by dashing it with the colors of travel and vacation, even if you cannot leave home.