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25 Freebies Keep Children Happy in COVID-19 Quarantine or Social Distancing (and anytime!)

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How do you keep your children happy during COVID-19 (coronavirus) social distancing? Well, you introduce something new. You give them variety. You shop at home and get instant delivery on these 25 FREEBIES to keep quarantined children happy!

25 Freebies to keep children happy in COVID-19 or social distancing?! Definitely – and all of them are downloadable / printable files. You can be using them in minutes.

As a career teacher and principal, as well as mother of two, I know how antsy children can get when they have to stay indoors during bad weather. Two or three days of rain or slush or super cold can make life miserable for both your children and you!

Good teachers always have a bag of tricks ready for such days, and I thought you might like to have your own bag of tricks. These are all freebies, of course, as my contribution to help us all get through this historic period of the corona virus, COVID-19 pandemic with the vital need for social distancing.

Cubby BearClick here and download all 25 FREEBIES (a zip file of 25 trading cards.) Print both sides, cut, and have fun! Tell other parents who are social distancing and let their children join the fun.

Children can use their cards to play card games such as Snap. You remember Snap. It’s long been a popular game. The players deal out their cards, one by one. As the cards appear, they react quickly to spot pairs of cards that show the same picture. You can find detailed playing instructions online.

You will have multiples of each card, allowing not only Snap, but also other fun matching games and memory card games. Use the bright cards with game ideas you already have, or look up new ideas online.

Many teachers and parents purchased these from us when I ran a publishing company, but I want you to have them free. Your children will love the colorful animal pictures, and you can encourage them to learn the definitions on the backs of the cards.

You’ll agree that it’s important, with schools in recess for so many weeks, to give your children many opportunities to read. These cards let them read short bites at a time. Gradually, you’ll find them memorizing the definitions, and changing their behavior. You will probably find your household growing more peaceful as a side benefit to you.

Cubby BearThirteen (13) of the cards accompany enchanting Character Companions children’s storybooks. Each of these adorable 32-page books is available as a downloadable eBook that you can print for your children (ages 3-8). These have been very popular with preschool and early elementary school teachers. Children beg to hear the stories over and over – and run around singing the catchy song out of each book.

Click here to see the cute downloadable books that go with 13 of your 25 FREEBIES. The books are not free, but we have kept the cost very low to help parents.

Oh, and I plan to put up another very special FREEBIE for the month of April 2020 only. Keep your eyes open for that FREEBIE and get in on it before April 30th!


A major catastrophe like the corona virus, also called COVID-19, can make life’s journey much more challenging for all of us. We adults can usually think maturely about it and deal with the emotions of social distancing or even quarantine, but your children will undoubtedly find it more difficult.

These 25 Freebies can help keep your children happy in COVID-19 quarantine or social distancing (and anytime, for that matter!). I hope you’ll get them all and enjoy using them now and for years to come.