Most of us experience times when we feel as though we’re living totally uninspired lives. We look at our day-to-day lives and think, “That’s not where I want to go in life! How did I get so far away from my goals – from what I dreamed of doing?” We trudge along in a deep rut from cradle to grave. We don’t even want to get up some mornings because we face a day that’s just like every other day. We’d like to shake things up – to move to a different path – to take the present life and give it a makeover. You can do that! Let’s give you a life journey makeover!

Road Less Traveled

Hidden Life-Journey-Makeover Gems

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a scene from your ideal life journey. Maybe you’re strolling a narrow lane through an ancient village in Greece. Hidden from the outside world, you feel protected by the whitewashed buildings, each glistening here and there with the cornflower blue color of valuable sapphire gems. Exotic blossoms spray light fragrance on you as you pass.

Now open your eyes, and look at your current life journey. What’s different? Do you feel motivated to get a life-journey-makeover? Would you like to have some of those “hidden gems” that would lend sparkle to your present-day journey through life?

Hidden life-journey-makeover gems lie all along our paths, but many never pause to look for them. Since you’ve read this far, give me a minute to reveal a few hidden gems. I want to show you the diversity of categories I’ve incorporated into this blog, each of which contains a treasure of hidden life-journey-makeover gems.

TravelTake travel. Instead of following everyone else through life, behaving like a docile little lamb, you skip away from the flock.

Travel engages you in new experiences. Travel pulls you out of the routine / rut of your day-to-day journey. Your eyes sparkle with the new sights you saw. Your ears hum with the new sounds. You must return to the predictable flock, but you do so with memories and secrets that add zest to your life.

Self-improvementSelf-improvement posts reveal hidden life-journey-makeover gems that, unlike many programs to improve self, do work.

True self-improvement takes an honest look at your life journey as it exists today. It takes a “before” photo, as it were. Then it gives the life journey in the photo a makeover as complete as the old house makeover on TV. Take an “after” photo, and you will be surprised at the lasting changes!

The hidden life-journey-makeover gems in the hobbies category may seem less likely to change life, but read on. Hobbies are like frequently recurring rest stops along your life journey.

The word hobby comes from “hobbyhorse,” a stick pony. These toys let children engage in delightful activity while going nowhere. Become a hobbyist, and you can engage in your own activity that, unlike your daily work, amuses you without going far away.

CraftsWouldn’t crafts fall into the same category as hobbies? No. Crafts require manual skill and some artistic bent. You’d know exactly what I mean if you had seen the “pottery” I made in a college art class. I had artistic bent, but a war between my thumbs and fingers gave a “hands down” victory to thumbs!

Crafts offer makeover gems to those with artistic ability and dexterous hands – and they can change your life.

EducationAs a professional in the education field, I almost guarantee that you will find hidden life-journey-makeover gems in that category.

Education not only gives a life-journey-makeover to problematic students, but to you as well. Yes, teaching may be your career, but the field of education provides many life-changing moments. Posts to this category can change both your career journey and your life journey in positive ways. It happened to me!

Writer / BestsellerBook reviews gives a backpack full of tools that will help you search for your own hidden life-journey-makeover gems. I’ve always loved books. My father not only taught me the value of reading books, but also instilled a passion for writing books.

Aspiring to become a writer / bestseller as I became? Check out the writer / bestseller category where you will find free help from my experience and from a bestseller workshop I prepared.                         

Character / Moral valuesA former U.S. president once said, “Character doesn’t matter,” but a life-journey-makeover demands a strong foundation and support of character / moral values.

I want to help you find these hidden life-journey-makeover gems and use them to advantage in your life. To do that, I include posts that explain, entertain, and excite you to build both character and moral values into your life for permanent change.

Home / FamilyHome / family interactions affect your total life journey. A family resembles a team. Joys, sorrows, successes, failures – all that affects a family team member affects you.

One amazing gem that will come into play in your makeover is this: The more you know about your family, including the older members and ancestors, the more you will be able to handle the effects of inevitable stress that impact your life journey.

Work / CareerWalking right beside home / family on your life journey, you will find a work / career category. Giving your work or career its own makeover can affect your entire life journey.

When my husband decided to invest in a business franchise, we were suddenly able to leave metro New York City (just before a blizzard) and relocate to sunny Hawaii. Imagine how your life might take a major turn if you opted for a gem like that!

VarietyNow, I know what you’re thinking – why variety? This category is an assortment of smaller hidden life-journey-makeover gems that can make life more delightful.

As the renowned poet William Cowper wrote in, “The Task” (1785): “Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” Posts in this category aim to balance the blander sweets and sours of your life with a dash or two of spice. 


These hidden life-journey-makeover gems in eleven different categories will, I hope, help you make the best possible journey from cradle to grave. My ultimate goal of improving my life journey is to finish well. What’s your ultimate goal? Write and tell me.

Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Taken

You’re walking through the woods with a friend. The walk seems easy, with few bumps or hazards, and you are enjoying it. You have a good idea where the road goes, so you relax and talk together as you walk. Then you come to a fork in the road – a split. You stop. You wonder aloud where the smaller road goes and if it is passable. Maybe it would be a better route. It looks much less traveled, but maybe you should take the road less traveled

Robert Frost wrote a poem about just such a situation. Have you ever read it? Many people think Mr. Frost called his poem “The Road Less Traveled” but he chose “The Road Not Taken” for this short poem:

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

The title The Road Less Traveled often appears on the posters of leadership teachers. Such posters urge us to choose roads through life that others do not choose. They imply that people become successes when they choose roads others reject. They urge us to celebrate personal uniqueness, i.e., non-conformity.

Robert Frost never intended that. He wrote the poem as a joke to Mr. Thomas, his walking pal. Frost had seen an amusing pattern in their walks. At every fork, Thomas would dither on which road to take. Later, he would wish they had taken the other road.

Robert Frost’s friend wanted a life-journey makeover! He lamented that his whole life would have been changed if he had just taken the other road.

Mr. Frost’s poem hides many meanings, but it also works as a reminder to us:

A life journey brings us repeatedly to forks in the road —deciding moments that give us a major choice of paths, either of which will definitely make a difference!

The key is not to be individualistic and choose a certain road just because others reject it. That can lead to disaster. The key is to know that either road will make a difference, good or bad. We must take time to choose wisely.

Remember when you thought, “If only I’d…” done this? “If only I’d studied hard in school instead of partying.” “If only I’d married before having children.” “If only I’d married that person instead of this one.” “If only I’d become a doctor instead of a teacher.”

Most of us wish we had made different choices at some of life’s deciding moments. We wish we could get a makeover of the years we have already been on our life journey.

GOOD NEWS! You CAN get a life-journey makeover. A life journey is the whole life you live from cradle to the grave. Since I am writing this blog, I am still on that journey. If you are reading this blog, you are on that journey. We all are choosing roads as we go. Past decisions, like worry wrinkles, remain – but worry wrinkles are not fatal. As long as we are alive, you and I can make decisions that change the journey.

The articles in my blog are the result of people helping me and my family at various forks in the road. I hope they will help you, and prepare you to help someone else.

Explore the Blog categories and find new roads for a life-journey makeover. If you can’t find the help you need, Contact Me. If you do find help for a life-journey makeover,  Contact Me, and tell me about it so we can celebrate together. Have a good journey!

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